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News archive 2012

The monuments of Veliky Novgorod bring happiness and luck.

The monuments of Veliky Novgorod bring happiness and luck.



The monument, which recently appeared on a footbridge, keeps attracting the attention of the Novgorodians and guests of the city. According to one version, it is the monument to a tourist-lady, according to the other - to a Novgorod lady (novgorodochka, so the Novgorod people tenderly call this monument). Either thanking for the photo with her or just for success, tourists and the Novgorodians started a tradition to put coins into the lady’s shoes standing by her side. There is a more interesting version. Once a tourist-lady, getting tired of wandering along the streets of the ancient city, had a sit to rest and took her shoes off. Peaceful splash of water of the grey Volkhov river calmed her down and soon she was deep in meditation that nobody can awaken her from since then. Today every passer-by taking a picture with her casts a coin into a lady’s shoe for luck and happiness.

Bear on the quay.

Another object of modern Novgorod architecture is a brown bear sitting on the bench at the Alexander Nevsky bridge. He came from a dense forest, wishing to look at the Novgorodians and got glad of the acquaintance with them. Undoubtedly, the Novgorodians are friendly and affable people. That’s why the bear refused to return to the forest and stayed in Veliky Novgorod. Day and night the enchanting symbol of powerful Russia sits on the Alexander Nevsky quay, feasts his eyes on passing launches and motor ships and waits for passers-by to have a small talk.

Cast – iron lions.

Hardly are there people who had a chance to come to Veliky Novgorod and didn’t visit the Novgorod Historical Museum situated in the historical centre of the city – the Kremlin. The Museum entrance is guarded by two cast-iron sentries. The lions which have been brought from the former estate of count Arakcheev (Gruzin village, not far from the town of Chudovo, Novgorod region) are established on the broad porch. Both the Novgorodians and tourists like these lions. There is a tradition over the centures to make a wish and rub a lion tail. If the lion likes this «rubbing», it will fulfill a wish. Novgorodian students have there own superstitious belief: before an exam one should go to the King of beasts and rub his paw or nose. In case the menacing museum guard gives a wink the student passes the exam for sure. Lovers do not forget about lions either. If one pats a cast-iron lion, he/she will be happy in love. But! It’s important to do it secretly so that nobody can see. The is a rather difficult task!

Parasceva the Friday.

In winter and summer there is a beat footpath around the church. Although it should be rather called a large broad path. There are many girls and ladies in Novgorod who believe in miracle and want to find marital bliss as soon as possible. The gist of the rite is the following: having run around the church three times, a lady certainly meets her intended husband in the near future. So ladies do run! There is the other belief connected with the Church of Parasceva the Friday: if one goes round the church and counts all the corners correctly, any wish may come true. To sum up, follow traditions, believe the legends of Veliky Novgorod and fortune will smile upon you! Self-checked!

Authors: Natalya Aleksandrovskaya, Alena Mikhaylova, 3 year students of Journalism faculty of the Novgorod State University.

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